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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I save money on electric with Solar?
    Standard grid-tied solar systems save you money by selling electric to the power company while the sun is shining causing the meter spin backwards and buying power from the utility at night. The balance between what you produce and what you buy is your electric bill. This process is referred to as Net Metering. We can often design a solar system to offset 100% of your yearly electrical usage.
  • How big of a Solar system do I need?
    The size of your solar system is determined not by the size of your home but by how much electricity you use. Depending on factors such as sun exposure, roof size and shading your system will vary in size. A roof or ground mounted system that faces due south will produce more energy than one facing east or west and therefore will use fewer solar panels. A 5kw system will typically use about 15 solar panels and take up about 500 sqft.
  • Will a solar system keep my power on during an outage?
    If your system is built with battery backup then the answer is yes. However, the most economical solar systems are grid tied systems and they shut down during power outages to maintain safety for electrical power line workers.
  • Can I monitor how much power my system is producing?
    Absolutely. We will set you up with an online monitoring system as part of your installation package that allows you to see real time how much power your system is producing. We also monitor your system to make sure it is operating at its highest efficiency.
  • Can I install solar in stages?
    Yes. You can install as few as 8 panels at a time and expand your system at any time. Because we usually use micro-inverters, there is on need to replace costly inverters, you simply add as many more panels to your system as you would like.
  • Can I afford to go solar?
    Most systems when financed cost less than you are paying now for electricity. If you can afford to pay your electric than you can afford solar. We can even show you several ways to purchase your system with zero down.
  • Is Pennsylvania a good place for solar?
    Absolutely. Pennsylvania not only has Solar Renewable energy credits that pay you for each 1000kwh your system produces each year but you may be surprised to hear we get about 90% as much sun as Florida. There are plenty of peak sun hours in Pennsylvania to make solar a good investment.
  • How long does it take to install a solar system?
    Most installations can be done in 2-4 days depending on system size and whether it is a roof or ground mounted system. It takes 4-6 weeks to secure all the utility interconnection and county building permits but don’t worry, Green Legacy handles all the paperwork
  • Does my house get enough sunlight?
    Most likely the answer is yes. We can tell a lot by looking at satellite photos of your home but we also use a tool called a sun eye solar tracker that shows us exactly how much sun and shade is on your home each hour and month of the year. Fortunately, Green Legacy uses advanced micro-inverter technology that can eliminate the shade losses that older systems experienced so even areas with partial shading can perform well.
  • What kind of warranty do you offer?
    There is a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty on all parts of your Green Legacy Solar system. From the solar panels, to the inverters and even the racking system. In addition, we offer a 10 year warranty on labor and repairs. If anything goes wrong in the first 10 years, we will repair it at no cost to you. We even work with manufacturers to make sure you get any replacement parts fast without any hassle on your end.
  • Does it matter what kind of roof I have?
    We can install solar on traditional asphalt shingles and metal or standing seam roofing. Specific mounting and racking hardware allow us to place solar panels on your home in a secure leak proof manner.
  • What kind of maintenance does a solar system require?
    Since there are no moving parts to your solar system they require little to no maintenance. They may need to be power washed every 3-5 years if you live in an area of high pollen to maintain highest efficiency. If your panels get covered with snow, it will melt quickly so there is no need for you to remove it. Any mechanical issues will be covered by warranty.

Find out if Solar is Right for your Home.

Take the first step in saving money by choosing a Green Legacy and requesting a
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