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The Benefits of Going Solar


Increase Personal Finances

A Solar System can save you a lot of money. Even financed, your system will cost less per month than you are currently paying for electricity and will pay for itself in only a few years netting you an average of 20 years of free electricity.  This adds up to thousands of dollars in savings while significantly raising the value of your home. 


Preserve the Environment

Your decision to go solar has a far reaching environmental impact on future generations. You no longer rely on coal, gas or nuclear power but instead power your home on the clean energy of the sun. It's a smart money choice you can feel proud of knowing you are doing your part for the planet.

Choose a Green Legacy

You should not have to choose between doing the right thing for the planet and the right thing for your pocket.  At Green Legacy Solar, it's our commitment to provide you the safest most advanced residential solar system available at a price that is less than you are paying for electricity right now.  We focus on residential solar and keep our overhead low to ensure you get the best possible value for a system that will earn you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your service.  Solar is a large and important investment and we encourage you to compare us to other installers because we are confident our unique approach will save you thousands of dollars on your new solar system.



& Insured

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Includes Parts
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Your Solar Timeline

Request Quote

Fill out the online form and one of our Designers will contact you to get the necessary information to custom design your Solar System and Provide a Detailed Quote with options to meet your energy goals.

Approve Design

A design specialist will walk you through your Solar Proposal including cost,  how much money your system will earn, tax credits, materials, and payback period.  You will be able to customize the proposal to your budget and vision.

We Pull Permits

Once you have agreed to install a system with Green Legacy, we handle all the paperwork and go through the process of pulling the necessary permits with the building department and utility.  This process usually takes 3-4 weeks.

System Install

Our install team will coordinate every step of the job with you to minimize any disruption to your schedule.  You will be kept in the loop from day one to final inspections.  Most installations are completed in 2-4 days.

Celebrate Solar

You did it!  Your Green Legacy is in place.  Your utility will give permission to flip the switch and you can watch the savings roll in while the meter spins backwards resting easy knowing your new system is under warranty.


Receive a Free Quote

Take the first step in saving money by choosing a Green Legacy and requesting a
no-obligation quote. We will take a look at your electricity usage, design a solar system for your home, go over financing options, and provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your family and goals.

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contacted by phone, text or email.  We never share your information with others.

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